Freelance web designer ! can be your all in one business solution and the only claim is! quality is not compromised while cost is defiantly competitive. freelance web designer webnetive is available all the time and  happy to help if you need my assistance in any part of your project, i step when you get stuck, please feel free to contact me, however to save you time you may read FAQ

Websites are not same all the time so it definitely depends on what type of website do you need and who will be the services provider as a freelancer will just charge you for work while a digital agency will definitely look at the other cost too

All i have mentioned in my websites but let me be more specific they are two things web development and SEO 

There are few types of website which can be describes as company profile, blog or magazine, eCommerce or web shop and so on however i  make it very short and specific by saying 100% customise which means any type of website 

Well yes i have web hosting recommaendation for you if you wish to go for the one i use for my site that is the best in my opinion for 3 reasons, (1) their support (2) their speed and end product quality and (3) the low cost.
However if you wish to buy it form else where or you already have its totally fine.

Yes ! if the site is technically transferable i can definitely do it for you, to make you understand i can mention that if you have Cpanel i can transfer your site

This is very good approach i believe everyone should have basic knowledge of things so this is how they can even be more cleared, i personally welcome all my clients to ask me question or i give them proper guidelines on how to manage your site after i am done

This is one of the best idea in today’s trending era of online business, you should give me a call discuss with me your idea and then fix a meeting, i will come with proper preparation and this is how you can understand what and when to do 

In general opinion there is no difference, any professional who knows his work is good enough for your project but a freelancer is someone does not pay for any rent or bills commercially so when it comes to the cost you may have a huge difference to know more about a freelancer go here

Your are most WELCOME i would love that, infect i will guide you for everything and then you give me your feedback once you get success, we will celebrate together, coffee is on me 

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