How to find a quality domain and get it free

How to find a quality domain and get for free, Domain means a lot, since a website is not just a webpage hanging on a domain with few images and content, it can be a good source of earning if ranked higher on search engine especially on Google, in the digital world when domain health or its strenth is measured we use a tool such as MOZ or Ahref to analyses its backlinks or DA (Domain Authority) and PA ( Page Authority )

What is Domain Authority or Page Authority ? They are terms introduced by MOZ analyzing how well is a website optimized, where it ranks and how many or how much quality of websites are linking to that particular domain, having said that, MOZ or Ahref anaylses these matrics and give a score of 1-100 of both DA and PA.

How to find a quality domain and buy it almost free
Image shows a domain with 36 DA, 10 PA 9 backlinks and 4 referring domains

With these metrics, one can easily have an idea of how a website is optimized and can rank better on search engine.

How to increase domain or page authority
DA or PA

Write quality and informative content, link the content with high PR websites such as wikipedia Facebook and Quora to make your website mobile-friendly, optimize your website speed and give a good aesthetic look to your website pages or blog posts.

What is a quality domain and how to get it at the cheapest price you have ever heard

A quality domain can be defined with different matrices however less than 15 characters and containing word giving an idea of your business can be the simplest way to find a quality domain, for an example if you are running an ice cream shop and you find a domain as this domain can introduce it self

Question on how to get the domain for free

Well it will cost you 1 USD that’s why we call it free and it makes a WOW moment when it says domain for 1 USD with hosting of one year, thus one can buy a hosting and domain just on 1 USD

Where to find a domain with DA and PA ?

If you want to give a jum start to your website you may buy a domain which was used before and now expired, such domains are available at

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