How to rank website on google first page

How to rank website on google first page

ranking on google first page is as presenting your business to millions of people who are looking for the similar products or services you own, therefore its really important to understand how to rank website on google first page

Ranking on google is 100% free there is no way of spending money on, however an expert who optimize your website can charge you or a quick way of ranking your site on paid ads is google ads that is going to rank your site in minutes.

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If you think How to rank on first page of google free with know ads and no expert target a long tell keywords such as how to rank on first page of google for free and implement the strategy as it is explained below

If you know what Google wants from a website, then you do not need an SEO company. But it’s important to understand the basics of how Google ranks websites, here are 3 tips and topmost important and frequently asked questions that will help you optimize your website, search engine optimization in Dubai can be challenging, Dubai is an advance, competent, and a highly commercial place, when it comes to being number 1, you need to know what Google wants.

How does Google rank websites when customers search?

for example, a user/customer searches on google for What is the capital Of the US? Get into understanding how does search engine bring 1 website to the top and differentiate it from others

ranking on google first page is as presenting your business to millions of people who are lookinng for the smiliar products or services you own, therefore  its really important to understand how to how to rank website on google first page
The above image is an example which indicates that a user searched with a query on Google as WHAT IS THE CAPITAL OF US, There are three websites Web-A, Web-B, and Web-C, Web A has no information about this question, Web B has mentioned that In US both U and S are capital, which is wrong or irrelevant information, while Web-C has the correct information with the answer, as Washington-DC, therefor Web C has higher chances of appearing in search results for this query.

Quick Tips:

  • Find out, what people are searching for and what is their interest
  • Bring the required information or queries to your website with a unique and better quality for people’s ease.
  • All the high-quality content, information, and updates you can provide to the world by Google, that will help, google’s users and your website both

Even an SEO company should follow these 3 major rules

(1) Be patient and think legitimately Google is delivering billions of impressions daily and in one industry there are 1000s of organizations where every one of these organizations wants to be on the top, nonetheless, being on top should be somebody.

(2) Be exceptionally unique and recruit the legitimate who truly realizes how web crawlers fill in as is commonly said Google is a machine yet it’s smart.

(3) You remember that positioning on Google is harder than bing and yippee as everybody by one way or another realizes that Google is one of the largest search engines in the world and this is why the competition is higher to be on top, All aspects contribute to your site ranking, your webpage speed, its substance, and streamlining of all these substances truly matter.

Topmost important frequently asked questions from an SEO company

  • How long does it take to rank #1 in Google?

    Google may take from 6 months to one year if it should be ranked or else it depends on what your site is about, how quality your website is, how user-friendly is your website, User friendly in terms of information, site speed, quality of content and responsiveness

  • Can I pay Google to rank higher?

    Indexing a website in google search engine is free of charge, google ads/PPC can help a website to appear on google with specific term, However no one can pay for the organic ranking on google

  • How much does it cost to SEO a website?

    There is a variation in SEO charges of different SEO experts or companies, some charge per keyword optimization and some charge per page, in 70% of cases individual professionals charge per keyword while the 30% takes a whole website as a project and offer monthly campaign budgets, Companies like The Hoth costs $230 per page of 1000 words ( The price of each page depends on the number of words. NOTE: The minimum required words for SEO is 600 per page)

  • Can I do SEO on my own?

    anyone can do SEO but no one can claim a ranking site however the following steps may help.
    Verify your site on google search console and submit a sitemap and track the website by adding it to google analytics.
    Write the content based on the formula that people search for and what better you can bring to them on google Be descriptive, informative, and qualitative.
    Make your website fully responsive and monitor it on google search console, for all coverage, mobile usability, and make sure your website loads fast. read more on what is a good website

  • Does Google use keywords for SEO?

    Keywords are part of SEO process but for Google, it is more important if the whole content is relevant to the search terms or keyword a user searched for, Google is more advanced and smart, e.g. If you are in Dubai searching for SEO company you do not need to search as SEO company Dubai, because even if only SEO company is searched google will show the SEO companies operate in Dubai.

  • Which SEO tool is best?

    When its called best then it should be legit and complete, therefore the combination of google search console and bing webmaster recently released SEO feature is the only best options for anyone, either for SEO analyses or monitoring website performance

  • How do you increase your Google ranking for free?

    Google ranking is indeed free, if you know how to optimize a website for SEO, how to monitor your website performance through Google search console and any issue related to the website such as coverage, mobile usability indexing, etc then you are all set.

  • How can I practice SEO?

    In the first steps understand the fundamentals of how Google sees your website, Step 2, Read more about search consoles and website ranking at the Google search console community Optimize your website content and speed and start monitoring it in Google search console.

  • What is the most effective way to increase traffic to a website?

    Write informative content, join social media groups and share your website, register on Q&A forums such as Quora, and answer the questions to drive traffic to your website.

  • How does Google rank your website?

    Google brings things for its users, this is why they continuously bring new updates and improve Google tools and services for a better user experience, hence! a website that can contribute to that better user experience Google is aimed to, in terms of providing the right content and information, this website has the higher chances to rank high

Note: Add keywords to your site, optimize speed and images, link your site to high-quality site such as Facebook and Wikipedia and Add your website to high volume traffic websites and create your profile so that you get referral traffic and backlinking as below

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