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logo maker which pushed every single free logo makers back and came up with a free logo design which will make you surprised, this logo maker is an amazing tool provides you all in one where you do not have to worry about size or pixels, types of designs and printable material from scratch.

A business needs many things for a starter and people spend a lot on every single thing whether its a logo design or a web design, a business card or its a brochure or a product menu/ portfolio and social media posts, all these designs used to be very difficult for nontechies contact me if you need free consultation too, just click on logo maker and press the button of call me or send me an email contact me I am happy to help

All these stuff cost a lot and you need a very perfect professional for it and it is often observed that none of these designs were made perfectly on the first attempt, perfection needs modifications but if a person does things himself it becomes easier to make it as quick as possible with the free logo maker today you will learn how can you make your own logo or other designs your self.

logo maker

Top known free logo maker and its feature

Its been a long that I have been watching ads on Wix logo maker and I know almost everything about it there are some other logo maker too but since Wix logo maker is one of the famous lets talks about its features

it has already to use graphics and colors, it has complete control on setting up a proper logo but the disappointing part is when you download it you are bound with size and the logo is with an ugly background which you can not add to your formal presentation, in a nutshell, you must pay for it

in comparison with Wix logo maker, there is another logo maker call https://www.freelogodesign.org/ which is far better than any other, the only drawback here is also a custom size, which is not possible at all

The only legit free with all custom features logo maker

Be funky is the only logo maker for a free logo design that offers multiple customs features of different sizes or it will not be wrong calling it only logo maker with such a huge platform for free.

I believe the developers have spent months to bring out such a platform where you pay nothing and get everything you need when it comes to design printable material this is why I want every business to go there and avail this opportunity, all thought there is a paid version of this platform but it is still the best so far for 2 reasons (1) the paid version is very cost-effective (2) the free version gives you all that you get in the paid version of other platforms.

Features in the free version of be funky logo maker

In be funky free version you can design you logo, business card, pamphlets, brochures, products menu, and more it has custom size options in which you set it to inches or pixels it has ready to use sizes for example business 3.5×2 ready background just click and start designing your business card it can be set with the transparent background it can be saved as project or pdf, jpeg

Did you also think, if this is free what will be the paid one? do not miss it out, try today make your logo and business card on be funky as I did, save your money and time both, get rid of people charge you too much, do not search any free logo design app or free logo design sites it’s your one place all in one be funky and get be funky designs

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