how long a website takes to get on the top

SEO dubai ! search engine optimization in dubai can be challenging dubai is highly commercial thus competent when it comes to be number 1. every single day there is a new name of a brand or a company in this type of competent market, planning to be on the top is a tough task.

A very quick and fast ranking on search engines can take 3 months and in these 3 months it is obvious that one should get results if follow these steps

(1) Be patience and think logically search engines are crawling billions of links a day and in one industry there are 1000s of companies where all these companies want to be on top

(2) Be very critical and hire the proper SEO Expert who really knows how search engines works as they say google is a machine but its very smart.

(3) You keep in mind that ranking on google is more tough than bing and yahoo as everyone some how knows that google is the only known and big share holder search engine in the world, Your site speed, its content and optimization of all these content really matter.

“Passions, patience and both pay you if you have it” if 3 months are said this means you must see your site in top few pages and see increase in numbers of impression ( depends on industry competition ) 

seo dubai

Do not go for someone because of money or shortcuts

Never choose an option which is just because offers small amount and promise you for high ranks ” There is no question on it that google does not rank site because of a person or professional and google does not charge for a site to rank high” to know more about PR page rank go to

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