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It is the most critical point to think about before planning to have a website for a business, this is what your business might depend on and it matters a lot when it comes to on google, as after all ranking on google SEO Dubai is one of the common which for every business in Dubai

a web design Dubai should be very critical and revised until it does not reach to the point where it can be identified as a responsive web design, in one of the reports at previous reviews of a client of past 28 days of clicks and views 165 visitors were using mobile devices to browse while 3 used tablets and the remaining were on the desktop.

Therefore it is very important to hire web design Dubai so that you can be very clear about what a responsive design means what this report of 28 days means, why this matters, and how it faces, it can be further elaborate in one line that how to know what is the best deal when it comes to hiring a web developer Dubai

Responsive Web Design Dubai and how that impacts your site

As stated a responsive web design Dubai is a web design which can be compatible with all devices and it shapes with any devices since a web owner can never guess what type of devices people will be using to browse for websites similar to his business therefore the terms used responsive indicates the website for all devices.

Responsive web design with hidden error, google does not like

The error or mistakes which can be found in a website even if its fully responsive and can be brows on all devices it can still be a bad practice if you do the following.


It should be very clear that if a person just clicks on the link of your site and he did not see even a title or hero image of your site and your website asks for signup for newsletter or updates or any promo in the shape of a popup then technicality is apart but personal opinion is! it’s annoying.

so the solution is simple there must be a dedicated page for such stuff and add some content about those particular things which you want your user to see, this will not only solve the problem but also add values to your website in terms of potential keywords and quality content which leads to search results and that means increasing web traffic.

Unspecified Search Bar:

Let’s be clear here! if your site search bar shows the exact query a user type and that is something you offer or talked about in your site then your search bar is rocking but if it loads and keeps a user says nothing found or gives irrelevant results then you are bothering your users.

Hidden Content:

Shape or content gets change when the site loads from desktop to mobile if your site loads on mobile are hiding the content and that can not be found anywhere else then it’s another problem that needs to be solved to avoid having a site which is not user friendly.

Complex Menus:

The complex menu will always make a user tired of keep browsing on a site for one small thing, it should be very simple e.g pages such as home, about services contact and every page, should be headings of impotent content, remember that contact details such as call us or WhatsApp should be the easiest way for the user to reach and the ideal place is home page hero image to know more about the mobile-friendly site on google guidelines go to https://developers.google.com

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